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Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Technology Knowledge & Business Cours

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The combined value proposition of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is to provide a comprehensive set of consultancy services to business clients in comparison to a limited set of services provided by each company when they operated as individual entities. After consolidation of Earnest & Young and Cap Gemini into a single consultancy provider Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, the entity is able to help its clients through the whole value chain rather than only few components of the value chain. The value proposition of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, thus, extends from strategy design to implementation of the proposed strategy. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young offers its clients consultation services for forming a business strategy, aiding clients in deriving both IT and non-IT business solutions. Even Information Systems Management is provided by the new business entity under one roof (University of Nevara). This is a highly important business proposition. The second element of teh value proposition of the new business entity which is termed as Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is its glocal approach. 

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Questions Covered

1. a)What would you say is the value proposition for the combined CGE&Y entity?b)What role does Knowledge Management (KM) play in achieving this value?

2. What problems do you anticipate in the implementation of the Knowledge Management strategy given the different cultures in the two companies?

3. a) What key “success factors” can you identify in the Ernst & Young Knowledge Management strategy?b) How would you “export” them to Cap Gemini?

4. Would you advise Alberto Almansa to renew the Center for Business Knowledge (CBK) agreement or not and why?