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Google in China (A)

Case Solution

The case relates to Google’s threat to exit from the Chinese market on account of cyber-attacks on Gmail accounts. These highly organized cyber-attacks were reported by the company to originate from China and aimed at email accounts of Chinese political dissidents. The case discusses Google’s marketing strategy for China and its approach to dealing with challenges in the Chinese market. Google does not have a clear marketing strategy for the Chinese market. Google has made several changes in its approach towards the Chinese market. Initially, the company made an investment in Baidu. Later the company rolled back its investment in the company. Google also formed a dedicated site for Chinese market ‘’. However, it failed to deliver the required level of service to its Chinese users. In addition, Google hadn’t devised any strategy to deal with the challenge of Government censorship in China. Google also released statements against censorship policies of the Chinese government. These statements jeopardized the continuity of Google’s operations in China. The lack of a consistent and uniform set of action towards the Chinese market shows that the company does not have a clear marketing strategy.

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1.       Does Google have a clear marketing positioning strategy in China? Has Google figured out how to deal with China?