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Positioning the Tata Nano (A)

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Tata Motor Limited, established in 1945, is a company of Tata Group, which was formed in 1868. The group had ninety eight companies, around the word till 2011. Tata Motors has launched car in all segments of the industry. Its passenger car ‘Indica’ has been considered its all-time best car, based on its sales. As the Tata Motors Limited (TML) plans to launch a new passenger vehicle, Tata Nano, it is faced with two options regarding the positioning of the new car. First option at hand is to launch this car as a family car, which is both safer and comfortable than two wheelers including bike. The second option available to the top management of the company is to target a particular segment i.e. college going students. The positioning of Tata Nano would directly affect sales of the new car; therefore, it is essential for the top management to get it right.

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Questions Covered

1- Illustrate the choices made in developing a strong brand positioning and the interrelationship between these choices. select a target and an appropriate competitive frame of reference and point of difference for that target and summarize these elements in a positioning statement.


2- Highlight the importance of making promotion and distribution decisions that are consistent with the positioning.

   a- Nature of the Situation Decision to be Made.

   b- Alternatives Analysis of Alternatives (pros and cons) Quantitative Qualitative.

   c- Recommendation