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Evaluation of Nudge Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

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Thaler and Sunstein have given a framework/model to be connected and utilized over the range of health, riches, opportunity, and different parts of life. They go down their talk of decision structural engineering with demonstrated exploration, trials, and overviews. Authors furnish book readers with data and direction to help make an environment where customers, learners, and scholars will settle on choices to make a healthier, wealthier, and enjoyable way of living. The chapter starts off with a picture which proves the phenomenon of fooling a human mind with illusions. Authors explain the way a human mind thinks by demonstrating it through examples. Thinking system has been divided into two parts; Automatic system and reflective system.  A common reaction through gut is automatic system’s response, whereas logical reasoning is done by the reflective system. Automatic system of thinking can help improve the quality of life by improving the increasing the decision making speed.

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1- Introduction

2- Biases and Blunders

3- Resisting Temptation

4- Following the Herd

5- Choice Architecture

6- Savings & Investment

7- Application of Theory

8- Conclusion