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Growing Pains at Stroz Friedberg Abridged

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In late spring of 2009, the co-presidents at Stroz Friedberg had to establish the growth targets of the company for the year 2010. The Stroz Friedberg is a worldwide leading consulting firm. The company had specialized in managing digital risk and uncovering digital evidence and had been very successful in growing its operations in recent years. The CFO of the firm and the two presidents believed that the company could be raised from $58 million to $72 million. The company is faced with the major problems of organizational structure, lack of responsibilities among its employees and no sense of direction regarding the company goals. To overcome all these problems, the company had a few alternatives at hand. For instance, Stroz Friedberg could have focused on only one section of the company, in this case, e-discovery. On the other hand, the company could have opted for external consultancy, i.e. partnering with a similar company in the industry for optimal resource utilization to its own goals. However, it is recommended that the company must follow the solution of assigning a strategic leader within its senior executive management. The idea behind the leadership is to make sure that the person is an authority with a sense of company’s problems and objectives.

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2- Causes of the Problem


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4- Recommended Action Plan