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Chabros International Group: A World of Wood

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Chabros International Group is a Lebanese based wood manufacturer and trader, formed in early 1960s. It basically deals in two types of wood; lumber and veneer. The group had a very humble beginning as it was a small family business, but during late 1990s the company started expanding to nearby regions, in order to take the benefit of the increasing demand of the wood. In the year 1998, Chabros started exporting to Dubai, and after the success of its product there, the company formally opened a subsidiary there. Chabros International Group currently has eight subsidiaries in six countries, in Middle East & North African Region mainly. The largest subsidiary is Dubai based on sales. In 2008, it accounted for nearly 50% of the total revenue. Chabros International Group also has a production facility in Serbia, which it acquired in 2007 so as to increase the production capacity and meet the rising demand of the region. Due to the global economic recession, the largest subsidiary of Chabros International group, Dubai, took a considerable hit as a decline of 30% was witnessed in its sales, but remaining regions like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt etc. showed positive signs.

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